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"The two liters of warm boiled water add a tablespoon of lemon juice (juice of half a lemon just will correspond to one tablespoon). We carefully inspect our legal anabolic steroids and rarely receive any complaint (which we handle professionally). If there is a lemon, you can replace it by 4-6 percent apple cider vinegar. Pour it all in a mug Esmarch. Hang at a height 1, 5 m. The tip of the tube to be removed, dip it in vegetable oil. Take the position of Bozeman, a basin located above the shoulders. The tube is to try to enter the colon as far as possible in the 25-50 cm. But, as a rule, at the beginning and 5-10 cm is sufficient. Mouth breathing, the abdomen relaxed. The procedure is preferably carried out after the act of defecation or after work in the evening, before bedtime, as it is convenient.

We note immediately obvious errors: first, what to remove from the tube tip, dipping it into the oil and then administered in the intestine only pipe, without tip, secondly, insert the tube to a depth of 50 cm - is simply insult: 50 cm - the distance from the fingertips to the elbow. Buy the appropriate anabolic steroids for sale based on YOUR needs! I doubt that anyone seriously making these recommendations, because, firstly, the tip for and want to facilitate the procedure, and secondly, so deeply enter the phone makes no sense.

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However, later in his books Malakhov's all fixed now, this procedure is as follows (I quote from Malakhov GP 200 How to cure most common diseases Donetsk, 2003, p.17.). "Pour 1 - 1, 5 liters of urine in a mug Esmarch (heating pad), hang it on the height of not more than 1, 5 meters above the floor. All our legal anabolic steroids are carefully inspected before delivery. Tip grease or Vaseline. Clamp the tube so that the fluid does not leak (if there is a tap, then close it). Take a knee-elbow position (the pelvis should be above the shoulders), enter the pipe to a depth of 10-25 centimeters, let go through and gradually release the liquid in the colon. "

The main thing that has changed - the composition of the fluid to enter the intestine has become fundamentally different, the tip is still actively used and the depth of insertion of a tube halved. Look for our database of many hundreds lines of steroids online!

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Actually, I have a feeling that Late Malakhov completely divorced from reality in his research. For example, which alone is worth its recommendation for persistent constipation removing stool with a finger or with a teaspoon ... (ibid, p.162). Contact us if you have any questions about legal anabolic steroids. To treat warts on the hands and feet, he suggests using Urinova enemas and nasopharyngeal washes fresh urine (ibid, p.97). Herpes, as you probably already can guess, too, treated urine - old urine is necessary to lubricate the rash of herpes (ibid, page 130.). Imagine you poured cold sores on the lip, you grease his old urine and go to work ...

However, urine Malakhov heals everything, even bad breath - with bad breath should be fresh urine to rinse your mouth for a few minutes 2-3 times a day (ibid, page 198.). Do you think this recommendation seriously improve the smell of your mouth? To buy steroids, visit our online catalog. Although I very much doubt that the person in the normal mind and memory will be resolved check for yourself the above recommendations Malakhov, because it's all nonsense, of course.

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